Saturday, 18 June 2016

Europe Travels: Kandersteg, Switzerland


After a short trip to Brig, we were enroute to Kandersteg.

Hello Kandersteg.

Kandersteg has got to be one of my favourite cities in this trip. This was taken near our hostel.

We were greeted by such a beautiful sight just outside our hostel.

There was a blue lake right where we stayed and it felt so surreal just sitting by the bench and admiring the scenery.

Perfect weather and everything else :')

Exploring Kandersteg~

Lovely homes everywhere

Such a pretty house! I'd love to stay here and be greeted by a lovely sunrise and lush greenery every morning.

Making our way to Allmenalp

In one of the steepest cable cars in Europe :) Check out that mini waterfall!

We had to manually pull the lever to operate the cable car and it was pretty scary.

It was a 600 vertical metres journey up to Allmenalp.

I thought this was quite a nice photo because of the beautiful scenery.

Look at how seemingly close we were to the clouds! Amazing sight.


Kandersteg is such an underrated tourist destination. I was thankful for that because there were not many people around and I really enjoyed the serenity of this little village.

My kind of travels.

More pastures

Kandersteg, you are so charming and gorgeous.

1 year ago, I wouldn't have imagined myself experiencing all these sights and sounds in my early twenties. I am such a lucky girl.

I would love to hike up to the top if I had the time.

Such an outstanding and aesthetically pleasing view.

Managed to see a couple of mountain goats in action

View from atop

Till the next, Allmenalp.

Riding the cable car back down.. Hello cutie! This dog has such charming eyes :)

Near the foot of Allmenalp

Mini waterfall and a very steep hiking trail up to Allmenalp

Mid-afternoon snacks from Coop.

We took the gondola up to Oeschinen to see the famous Oeschinen lake.

The lake was situated about 30 minutes away from the cable car station.

Spotted some mountain cows.

Beautiful sights along the way

I love looking at these trees and green spaces because they have such a calming and relaxing effect on me.

Oeschinen Lake, Bernese Oberland

The lake was so clear and blue.


It was such a scenic place to chill or just simply admire the scenery with loved ones.

Pine forest - my kind of thing

Perfect place for the nature lover

On the way back to catch the last cable car down

With my beautiful partner #europexploreRS

If only I had more time there..

Adventurous me decided to try out this yogurt drink and it had a rather thick consistency.

Capri-Sonne was one of my favourite drinks in Europe because it is so cheap relative to Singapore!

Dinner was at a cosy restaurant. We had rosti, grilled fish with buttered rice, and chicken with fries.

The view on our way back~

Streets of Kandersteg

It was an amazing day trip to Kandersteg and although the time I had here was very limited, I thoroughly enjoyed myself as I love being surrounded by nature. What's more, weather was cooling and I was not attacked by mosquitoes (which ALWAYS happens). These precious memories will forever be etched in my heart.