Sunday, 6 July 2008


My habbo boyfriend hahaha

My character is the one with the colourful turban! lol

This photograph, taken by Alvin tay puhua.
I'm the middle one. Handsome right! I remembered there was this girl trying to pick me up too, despite me having such a feminine username. When I transformed into a girl, people made friends with me. When I transformed into a white guy with a head wrap, everybody shunned me. What does this say...

Had dinner at Fish & Co.

Yummy salmon!!

Dessert at Andersen's

Honeyyyyy waffle. Crispy. Delicious. Me like the honey^^

Lastly, the next picture is dedicated to... you know who you are! :P







Specially designed with the help of the chocolate sauce!

Hope this is a surprise to you hehe.

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