Saturday, 26 July 2008


I went to see doctor yesterday and it was quite an awkward visit because he obviously heard some sounds while he was examining my stomach (probably the sound of my rumbling tummy because I had not had anything yet). I had to control my laughter haha.

I was supposed to meet the sister at night so I went to the library to wait for her. As I was browsing through the Pets & Animals section, this guy started to chat with me. The surroundings were so quiet and he was speaking as though we were outside the library. He started to talk about his dog, and how he wanted to breed his dog and sell the puppies (huh?!). After some 10 minutes, he started to introduce himself as a single parent (what... that's so random).

Anyway, after that "interesting" incident, I finally met up with sis to watch The Dark Knight. The movie lasted for 2.5 hours but thankfully it was not boring.

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