Thursday, 20 November 2008

Prom night at Hilton hotel

Fresh makeup on!

We exchanged heels for a while because my heels hurt like hell.

With sexy Lekshmi.

With Mel and her gorgeous makeup.

With Hazlinda the joker. She lied to me that she won't be coming and I was so surprised to see her there!


and Sheam.
He was like, "do you remember last time you used pencil and poke my thigh??"
Me, "Yah.. omg you still remember?" (it has been 2 years hahaha)
He, "Yes.. and it still hurts.." hahaha

Alvin laodi

the ladies!!

Xueling, Angie, Esther

Jessica, the fair lady.

ladies in one row haha.



Xue Ling

Soon Eng.
I thought I would be taller than him with my heels.












I REALLY AM!....!!!

Or maybe same height!


only 2 pics with her!

Hazlinda is happy because I'm taking pic for her :)

But she's even happier because I'm taking pic with her!!

Hahahaha omg I'm so thick-skinnned.

Brendan ~


Nic WWK. Die die also must give the so called "James bond" look.


and my very frizzy hair T.T

Yep, my perm obviously went wrong.


Dinner at Jack's Place with the family during the weekend:

Actually.. I just wanted to include my french manicure in the picture lol -.-


love this!!! It was my first time eating escargots :)

Yummy salmon with crispy garlic

I love my potato with lots of crispy bacon bits!


Chocolate brownie for dessert. This was yummy to the max! It was served warm and tasted heavenly hehe.

Ending this post with a photo of my super duper mega late lunch from Mogu Mogu.

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