Thursday, 25 December 2008

Merry Christmas :))

chocolates makes me happy

Remember I said I wanted to watch Bedtime Stories?  I finally watched it. It was so funny and majority of the audience broke out into laughter throughout the movie.

Everybody went like "Awwww" and laughed when the guinea pig with the ultra huge eyes made his appearance. 

Adam Sandler is such a great comedian! Also, remember You Don't Mess With The Zohan? It was quite hilarious too although his accent was quite annoying.



We had a surprise picnic on Christmas eve! I was so happy that the bf actually cooked for me  And it was edible :P Thank you soooooo much!!!

Fat cubes of spam fried rice yumz!


Here's a random incident that I suddenly thought of and I found it hilarious. My dad took 2 stamps from me and he asked me how much they costed. 52 cents was my answer and I had previously left some coins on the table. Before I knew, he took the coins on the table and said



"nah, return u 52 cents"

and just right.. there were exactly 2 '1' cent coins on the table too.

So it was like he returned me my money and I was left speechless lolol.

Whenever mama's cooking, Lessie will be locked outside of the kitchen. He likes to hang out in the kitchen because all the food is there  Look at his innocent face 

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