Saturday, 13 December 2008

turtle soup @_@

So... I tried turtle soup and crocodile ribs soup at Geylang for the first time. My dad said that particular stall was featured many times in the press so he brought me to try it out.

I can't believe I ate them because they are somewhat exotic meats to me. The turtle meat tasted like chicken and the crocodile meat tasted a little like pork fat and a hybrid of pork and chicken. I didn't quite like the texture of it though I still prefer the crocodile soup to the turtle soup.

Turtle soup.


It was the first time I brought Lessie to meet C and Lessie was really scared at first and was trembling with fear. He even peed suddenly without any warning.

He soon trusted C enough to let him touch and pat him comfortably :')

As I am typing this post, Lessie just bathed. He is now wearing a singlet as a protection from catching a cold (actually, we all know that it is merely for aesthetic purposes -.-)

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