Sunday, 4 January 2009

dinner at Ding Tai Fung!

Picture of the day

My word is: Pick your nose
hahaha!! Funniest drawing I've ever drawn on that game. =) Loool...


"mine's around 20-24 Jan. Yours?"

"I heard that the O'lvl results will be released on 9/12/15 Jan"


"you get them earlier maybe"

"damn xD I just thought you had written a VERY strange format for date/months/years :O"

LOL!!! rofl.


花花草草 -.-"

Hehezxcs. Went to Ding Tai Fung eat! I tell you, that place is like dunno how many times better than Crystal Jade :D

Fried Rice with egg:
The grains of rice do not stick together. It's not mushy or got the ( will know what I mean if you follow my blog^^^^... ) 'processed' feeling.. Tasted different from other fried rice from first few mouthful.. Plus the crystal jade one even with chicken and prawns also not any nicer than this one which only got egg.. -_-

Xiao Long Bao:
I like it big and bold
Omg its sooo juicy. When you put it inside your mouth, the gravy/juice literally burst out when you sink your teeth into the skin. The skin is like 18 folds as stated. And it's strong! It does not tear easily when you picked the xlb up with chopsticks =) Unlike the ones I tried at Crystal Jade, omg, juice leaked out when chopstick accidentally teared the skin. Too thin skin & not elastic enough! Yayness. It's like you are drinking gravy + the pork fillings + skin. Yes. Or sucking...:O

You can see some gravy right.. Skin strong enough to hold the gravy + fillings. No worries about tearing =)

Beef soup noodles (without beef -.-):
Okay I don't eat beef. I dislike beef. Especially chinese beef. A little of steak is still okay.
But this is nice =) The soup does not have a strong beefy taste yet the beef flavour is there. For someone who does not like beef like me, I still carry on drinking the soup after finishing the noodles =) The texture of the noodles were not doughy or floury kind, just right too =)

and....... not to forget..
IT IS CHEAPER than crystal Jade!! Gooooood

abrupt ending ._.

P/S: Payday tomorrow! Which is like.. the collection of pay for 4 days of work in December.. -.-"
P/P/S: Oh ya, xiao long bao + more xiao long baos = happy Rachel =)
P/P/P/S: I need to shop for new year clothes. 365 days.

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