Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy new year!

Goodbye 2008.

Hello 2009.

How fast a year flew past. Still remembered the 2008 countdown? I do. And also the 2007 countdown...-_____-

Finally had my xiao long bao yesterday at Crystal Jade.

Yum yum. 5 xiao long baos for me. Not enough though :)

But not all were of the "same quality". A few of them did not have as much juice or gravy as the others. -_- Or maybe it spilled out.

And omg don't ever try the fried rice with ham + chicken + prawns.
Ham was not available for the day so only left with the chicken and prawns. They tasted like they were over processed, plasticy, imitation feel.

-_______- And they cost like wtf^o^ price.

and omg

Happy new year!!!!!!

I'm not really looking forward to a new year though!
I'm not not looking forward too.

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