Friday, 2 January 2009

Just watched finish Cursed!

After the female werewolf went into hiding behind the um, curtains....(coz police arrived)

Police: Can you describe her more?
She: ....................................................^^^ She's got bad skin. She's got a bony ass....
Werewolf: LIAR! *points middle finger at her*

LOL.. pwnage.

hahaha. Like seriously la imagine an enormous fizzy haired creature pointing middle finger at you.. eavedropping at their conversation.

Totally unexpected!


Hehehzx. Watched The Happening too!

It's good but not exactly good. The whole idea behind this movie is so lame -_-
Like.. okay nevermind about the trees and plants having feelings. But the happening that's happening was that the plants indeed have feelings and when the humans were in groups they produced some kind of chemical or toxins that would actually caused the humans to kill themselves.

Like wtfwtfwtf.

But I have to admit that the beginning was good =)

It allowed the viewer to want to watch more.
To want to know what's happening, what's going on.
Why is that so...

And I kind of freaked out at the part where ^wtfk^ people were thrown from the building some 20s?30s?40s? storeys high. Like it's never ending.

-_- And the guy at ground level went like, "Oh God. Oh God."




I liked the beginning =) once again.

But omg plz Hancock definitely do not deserve 5 stars.

Some of the special effects were soooooo computerized. The plot was kind of lame too.

His fave line:

I'll stuff your head up his ass. (And then I'll stuff his head up my ass.)

Hahahaaaaa. Goooood job.

The first half of the movie was okay. I liked it. But not the second half. It just didn't seem to fit in.



Just an average comedy to me =) I was expecting more...

The movie------- lame and funny at the same time. Some jokes/scenes failed to bring out the humor. Gives me the impression like he's really dumb or what?!

As usual, I prefer the 1st half of the movie to the 2nd half =)

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