Friday, 9 January 2009

Open house

Is anyone going to the photo bazaar at Old School?

Anyway, went to SP, NYP and NP yesterday and today! NYP was boring. So was SP. NP was the most generous with their goodie bags.

NYP - A crumpler sort of bag + dunno what.. water bottle that tasted a little like pee. Worst than NP. Distilled water is it? Pure water? Is this how bad pure water tasted o.O


Oh ya. The back alley of Little India smelt like dried pee. O.O\\\

Hehez. I've got 3 Jodi Picoult books on hand. From BB library! And oh, 1 book from Nicholas Sparks.

Omg I feel so bad. I'm like almost constantly withdrawing money from my bank account these days!! I'm trying to control myself already. Argh~ I shall invest in my web I guess!

That shy girl :P

Omg!! 2.5 more days to results!!! ... Anticipating yet.............

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