Saturday, 10 January 2009

Sex & The City

rich rich rich!!!

okay months later... I finally watched it!!! Like, finally.

The title tells it all. It's all about sex, labels and love. Relationships.etc.etc

And the ending was sort of sweet. Hehe. Coz Carrie and Big

Getting married in a labeless dress. Just you and me. No guests. No fancy dinner, only food and friends.

for their 2nd attempt of getting married. (which was simple yet it seemed like it was the best they could ever get)

Their first attempt was a total disaster (because of him and maybe her) though it was held at a really grand place, awsome designer dress and everything else were so princessy and royal.

Also.. Omg not to forget the ultra big walk-in closet. Awwww. That's like every girl's dream closet.

Love the setup of the movie - The fashion runway; The countless designer brands and many more!!

This movie makes me green with envy and so so so so so jealous!!!


4 ladies in their forties, still looking fresh and fabulous - sharing an unbreakable bond of friendship ties; confiding in each other in every possible problem; able to talk about anything under the sun.

Sweeeet sweet people.

Oh ya omg it's like 1.5 days more!!!!!!! I still have not decided on the 12 courses hmm... All the brochures, booklets and goodie bags were lying everywhere in the room. Messy like dunno what!

And woo I finally read Salem Falls. Finished. Like finally once again. Since I borrowed that book from the school library 1/2 year ago. I renewed and renewed, read a few pages then at last I returned it without completing barely 5% of the book at all. And so finally I finished the book from BBL(=

Great. Good job.


P/S: I think Xlie has got arm fetish. I am a victim.
P/P/S: Xlie has got me all nervous coz I'm counting down by days to release of results while she's counting by hours.
P/P/P/S: I think she will count by minutes tomorrow.
P/P/P/P/S: And I think she will count by seconds on the day itself.

P/P/P/P/P/S: Omg. I just realised she even bothered to count the number of hours to Monday, 2pm.

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