Friday, 30 January 2009

i love you xbb!

Happy happy me! (L)(L)

My stuffs from F21 arrived yesterday. Heehee. Love everything except the stupid satin shorts which is like super huge when it's size S!!

I feel cheated manzX! I even checked the size chart gazillion times to make sure I got the correct size. But obviously not ._.

I think the size chart states that size S waist is 25~26. And no lor it's not true at all. All crap! The actual waist size I think is 27~28 or what!? Argh.

Really liked these:

But I've decided.. not to buy any more bottoms from US sprees!!! ):

Anyway, I got into Business Studies at NP!!

Okay la nothing fresh to know about -_-

Thinking back, it's like a dream come true but I'm still thinking about the International Biz. I dunno which is better!!! But it's too late for regrets. Heehee.

Soo anyone else got into BS at NP? Hope everyone is satisfied with the school/course they are posted to (:

yay i love big pictures :* Hahahahaha...

I know la. You must be thinking.. this tee again. -.-


Found this in my drafts:

lots of love!!! :*

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