Friday, 20 February 2009

The big hooha is over. Hits increased dramatically overnight.

Anyway, very excited (okay maybe not. just saying for fun) about the latest collection! Not yet released though! Some pieces...

I know this top is very basic. Suitable for school!

ignore the word the

Rompers, bomber jackets, houndstooth designs are like the in thing now yea?
Fashion keep coming and going. It changes so fast.

ps: I know I got big head.

Apparently, my dad (while working) found a silky terrier by the roadside. He was afraid the dog might get bang by cars so he brought it back. So now.. my house has got 2 dogs. ^_^ So poor thing! It's a very cute + small size dog. Lessie is scared of the dog. I think he feels threaten by his presence. Oh well... Maybe Lessie thought Lessie = human ._.

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