Monday, 2 February 2009

Bride Wars


Everything was okay except for the part where the best friends could so easily turn their backs on each other. Like.. suddenly man! Kinda unrealistic on that part.


they were best friends for 20 years and counting. Suddenly coz of the wedding clashes they were suddenly so mean to each other and.. yea.

Also.. suddenly they were good to each other towards the end again -.-" Like suddenly!

Yeah so sudden. Lots so suddenlys.

............... But anyway, pretty ending between the two best friends of course. They were best friends once again. And Emma's fiance was such a jerk. Because of her past, they broke up during their wedding day at the spot. Coz her "dark" video was accidentally screened -_-

But still, good for her anyway! Coz she saw his true colors. ...


The movie is not bad/poor. It's still fun to watch with with your best friend(= or partner!

It will be so cool to marry around the same time with your best friend at the same place and be pregnant at the same time. Okay la actually it's quite creepy. -.-; the pregnancy part. @_@


We were too hungry sooo we went to Arnold chicken again! It's like the nearest to us so we... went there!

squeezing the sauce out. chicken bathed in oil.

deep fried batter fish bathed in oil.


Oh ya, the adult fare ex like dunno what can! I spent like $4 on transport today. It's like 4 times more than what I spend normally.

argh... well.. Why is it that we must pay adult fare when we are not yet adults? Adults are 21 years and above right. They might as well amend the adult age.

ZZZZ. P. Nothing is fair.


Happy 1st birthday EZLINK card! Or is it first anniversary? -.- You're gonna expire soon anw @_@

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