Monday, 9 February 2009

The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button

Sat straight for almost 2.5 hours long but did not get bored of it! I think this is a very good story. Although it is 166 minutes, it's not draggy/rushed through. BB arrived as a wrinkled newborn and as he grew up, he grew young. On the other hand, his loved ones aged as years passed. Sometimes, sacrifices have to be made in life. Like how BB had to leave his family. Sometimes, you have to accept how cruel reality is.

The ending is so touching and sad!!! The scene of the old lady and the baby.. The baby at his last moments looking at her in the eyes, finally remembering and knowing who she is. So near yet so far. .


I am amazed by the makeup of the transformation of the characters! It looked so real, so convincing that it seemed like the movie was filmed for a period of time as the characters aged. The visual effects are impressive.

This is an example of a good movie :)

Can you imagine living your life backwards?

I think most of us want to be young forever yet if you are young forever and loved ones around you grow old and die, you won't be happy either... as in the movie.. where Button had to witness many deaths in the home of people around his "age". Death came as a natural thing.

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