Sunday, 1 February 2009


ET covering blanket ^^.

I want a Aa tee! -.-

Anyway, I watched ...


I was so DISAPPOINTED with the movie! It seemed like a blockbuster as this movie has the most screenings currently. The plot sounded catching enough and there were many hits too considering the no. of cinema screening the movie. However, it was boring that I kept on yawning and closing my eyes occasionally to rest. Gets rather draggy and nonsensical at times.

For those people who gave 5 stars, I don't know why?!?!?! ...

Never judge a book by it's cover yea. Although it looked nice, sound nice (maybe).. it's not!! So don't watch it unless you want to waste money. Heehee.

Everything was absurb. Like.. the father possessed the magic skill. Suddenly the daughter also.. Genetic ar? The purpose is obviously to be able fix up the story coz it's in a mess!!!


And one thing I still don't know.. how did the mother get suck into the storybook? -_- Madness!!!!! Is it coz when one person gets in one person gets out of it?

So confusing!

Comparing Inkheart with Bedtime Stories, Bedtime Stories is far better - The quality of the movie, the plot, the message; everything was delivered smoothly without a glitch. Although it is quite absurd too, it finished without a doubt or any yawning of boredomness.

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