Sunday, 8 February 2009

The Wedding Game

Caught the The Wedding Game at Suntec City yesterday!

There were some parts which I found it funny but didn't seem to hear people laughing about it. Anyway, overall I think it's a more worth watching movie than any other Jack Neo film -/--'''''';;;


Seriously! I think most of Neo's film is like watching chinese dramas on tv.

Sooo.. TWG was pretty entertaining :) although some 'comical' parts were quite exaggerating like the paparazzi camping outside their home. And don't they find it weird the couple kept on doing all those intimate scenes in front of the window openly -_-'

Heehee. Anyway embarrasing moment! I shrieked like a duck yesterday ._.


The Tenth Circle!!!

Books keep me going during the holidays! I need more books!!! Moreeee!!!

Finished TTC in 3 days. 1 page and it's so good already :) Her novels are great. In the sense that it's real - Not every story has a happy ending; Not everything is as simple as it seems. Reality is like that.

I still remembered before the O's ended, I told myself to treasure the holidays/breaks after that coz it had been a long time since I studied like that. It was really frustrating. But now, it's the holidays and yet I want to go back to school. And when I go back to school, I'll probably be wishing I'm still holidaying. Well, life's like that. Sometimes or most of the times you never really get satisfied with what you have or what you want. Dots.

I'm so bored. I've never been so bored in my entire life before. Wtf? I can't go out often too. Not anymore. The adult fares's eating me!


Just finished steamboat dinner! Full like mad. Bloody frogs skinned and had their bodies dismantled._. Still bloodied when put in to boil.

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