Friday, 27 February 2009

Lessie + Strider

cutest (L)


He likes taking pictures I think.

When they were puppies. Cuteeeeeee!

Lessie is dancing.

Lessie is trying out tongue rolling.

So small + light, he can fit on my lap nicely.

I know I say I will update more pictures of Strider but the other pictures are in another camera sooo Lessie pictures are up!! Awww. Lessie's birthday is coming in 2+ months time!

Wah I just realised My Bloody Valentine 3-d is M18?! Argh. Hope FD(IV) is not M18! I heard FD(IV) also have the 3-D version. Cool. It will be like.. you are at the scene.. And death is just next to you. Okay death is everywhere -.-

Anyway, picnic next week! Like finally(= Hope the weather is fine + windy. Not really sunny and no rain.

Very excited about the future!!! I can't wait to get a new laptop coz this laptop is dying!!

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