Thursday, 19 February 2009

Don't you realise how much you contradict yourself on the blacklist you wrote on me which you removed, the smses you sent, the msn conversation we had?

I should have known better to screenshoot the blacklist writeup you did on me:

How I "copied" your idea of the 50% promotion..
how uncreative I am to do so.

Did I even sayI am creative in the first place? No. Did I copy your idea of the 50% promotion? No. Wait, in the first place that wasn't even your idea.

From your entry, I can tell that you no longer treat us as friends since you said "she and her friend".etc That doesn't matter anymore I think. To you?

And I know you well enough to know that you will do that. The scratching of tags to conceal the fact that it's the wrong size. And, don't forget, your handwriting.


Did you choose to take up the blame?


I asked you repeatedly whether you want to refund me since you got me the wrong size, you took a strong stand by saying no. I told you clearly I will blacklist you if you didn't. You still insisted on no.

If you did nothing wrong, why scared of me blacklisting you? Plus, why remove the blacklist of me in your blogshop?

Seriously, I don't mind having that blacklist on your blog. Really :) My conscience is not bugging me. It's clear.

Oh yea. One more thing, I don't know how hypocritical you can get.

On one hand you emailed me in a good tone telling me to remove the blacklist while on the other hand, I was reading the terrible blacklist you wrote about me.

How do you expect me to react in this situation? What will you do if you are me?

Upset? Angry?

Also, I said I wanted (not demanded) a public apology on your blogshop. I stated clearly for you to clear the issue of you distorting facts about my blogshop/reputation.

Like saying, I denied that you asked your supplier. (Evidence of you telling me you ask your supplier is published so tell me when did I say that :)), I refused to answer your calls (Hello, did any of your calls get through?? did it ring?), smses (I did tell you gazillion times I can't sms much, anything to be communicated on MSN as evidence since you said you should have known better not to erase evidence. MSN is the evidence since you've got the chat log.)

I so wanted to remove the blacklist after you refunded me. However, AFTER i read your blacklist about me, I realised there's no hope anymore. You are clearly not rependant. You act like you are the victim while we all accused you wrongly. You smsed in a better tone while you blogged about me in the removed blacklist like I owed you the world.

You copied my testimonial way, 50% promotion, and A LOT MORE in the past, I didn't utter a word.

and now all you do is to twist the facts and make you look like a poor figure.

That does not work. I can't believe you can say one thing and then mean another. To do something not in an offending way and then backstab and make up stories in the blacklist.

That's all I want to say. It's up to anyone to believe whoever you want to believe.

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