Sunday, 22 February 2009


Today is the last I will be seeing of Terry/Terror. Well, Since he is a silky terrier, my mum randomly called him Terry. Sometimes Terror. Lol.

Anyway, his real name is Strider. His owner just came to collect him just now. He has beautiful hair. Silky hair._. And I can't see no matter which angle I looked at that he is 10 years old. He weighs so light I can easily lift him up with one hand. Just one palm of mine can lift him up. Okay la 2 hands. 1 to support his chest, another his ass. He looks sooooooo much like a 1 year old too.

Sooo sad! He has a heart condition :(

Although it's only 2 days, feelings have been developed :$ @_@

And yeah I will miss him :) After Strider's appearance, Lessie can't eat well, pee well, shit well or even drink well. He seemed very withdrawn, and would tend to hide or avoid Strider whenever Strider was near him.

Maybe it's just him! Maybe like I said, Lessie thought he's a human not a dog :/ Or he just don't like to socialize. Or maybe he's scared.

o.O No wonder! Strider is 10 years old while Lessie is almost 1/2 of his age. Sooo it's like.. yeah I thought it's because Lessie is much older than him but then it will be even weirder if Lessie is so shy + scared of someone much younger than him.

Lessie looking at Strider. Scared he take over his bed?!

Still looking on.. Guarding his bed I think. Awww. Spot Strider's head?

Comparing the size of 10 yr old Strider and the laptop. Awww. Looks so much like a toy!!

Strider + Tolly. His twin brother!!!

He squeezed through the gate with his body stucked halfway -.- and finally managed to squeeze out to join his owner + brother! Cute!

Anyway, Strider is so small like he's made up of only skin and bones and he's sickly?!

I must really bring Lessie out at least every Saturday to exercise!!! That's like my O' level resolution huh?!...

And I kept on delaying. There were so many things I said I wanted to do but I didn't carry them out. I was so excited and seemed determined about those plans/resolutions I've made before I finished O's. Butttttt due to my laziness and procrastination, I sort of put them off. I shall put a stop to all my bad habits!!!!

I know it looks very blah I KNOW!!

cupcakeeees! 2nd attempt. My 1st attempt of cupcakes.. the rising/shape and all were a success but not the icing. And the 2nd attempt the shape/rising.etc failed! -.- Unfortunately not enough time to salvage soooo.. this yea baby!

I need some sambal kangkong now!!

I can eat it everyday :( Serious craving for it!!!

Slumdog Millionaire

A really good show I must say :) - It showed the dark side of India - lives of slums, poverty, overcrowded population, unsuitable living conditions, corruption, how people can resort to tricking orphans.etc into child beggar syndicates. Sooo cruel + brutal. One moment, you are able bodied and well, the next moment you are drugged and then you wake up becoming blind/lame without you knowing what happened! Scaryyyy.

Overall, very heartbreaking story :(

Anyway, was offended by the uncle sitting behind me. Damn irritating keep on pushing my seat or kicking! I know not on purpose la maybe he tall?! Maybe on purpose!! So I tried to sit upright and try to block his view! I don't know if it works or not?! But I hoped so. I think so!! Coz when I sat upright, the "kicking" kind of stopped. Or maybe is coz he started to sit upright too so he had lesser chance of kicking my seat?! Kns leh so tall still want to sit so low for what! I turned and look at him behind. He was sitting in a position SO low I can't imagine. Comfortable meh?

New in Town

New in Town is so boring, dull and monotonous. There's like no climax at all. Even the part where she was informed that the plant was going to be shut down, I don't feel the least bit anxious or excited to find out. The answer is so obvious. Suddenly at the end she flew back as she had bond with the community and poof! Happy ending! They had the manufacturing plant back. And she got to be with the love of her life. Wow. Did they even date?! Just rescuing her from being buried under the snow. Plus they both disliked each other from the start.

Always like that one! You see movies.. soon-to-be couple will dislike each other... then feelings developed... then.. tada! couple already!

Most of the funny parts, supposed to be funny but 99% of the audience not laughing at all.

Luckily it's only 1.5 hours if not I would have slept through it!

PS: More pictures of Strider on the next update!

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