Thursday, 5 February 2009

A thousand words

Every day: so many opportunities to connect. What if you took just one?

Expressed wonderfully without words. Short and sweet!

Another video that got me cracked up.

hahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Be very quiet!


Heheeeee. Vitamin L! Suitable for the sick and well!

Anyway, I watched The Animal yesterday, starring Rob Schneider!

It was damn funny! But I hated the ending. I went like wtf towards the end. It's about this guy who got into a major car accident. Some scientist found him and experimented on him with animals. He began to have animal instincts. His life was pretty much screwed up before and after he got "operated" without exactly knowing, he started to possess animal skills.

The ending sucked big time! Very few good movies around nowadays:)


I can't wait to go to school(=

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