Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Upcoming plans!

  • stock hunting!
  • hunting for basics for my DIY project (geez hope all well ends well!) excited!
  • picnic at MB!!
  • retail therapy
  • complete workout at The Cathay
  • read finish Change of Heart by friday
  • watch (maybe??) my bloody 3D valentine
  • watch slumdog millionaire???
  • watch confessions of a shopaholic
  • borrow more books
  • experiment on cooking fried rice with sambal, beansprouts, extra large cubes of ham, maybe eggs, (if mum allows) and god-knows-what
  • bake brownies

that's all for now.

Hohohoho I should stop going online so often I think by the end of my teenage years, the amount of time spent online will be like 50% of it all! omg. Sounds so no life.

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