Thursday, 19 March 2009


Armani Exchange?!.. A|X

Okayy I decided high waist stuffs soo not suit me );

me: the color like very striking.
uncle: nice color. If you stand far far.. people can recognize you straight.


and my braces! I purposely stick my head out! Looks a bit detached from the body huh?!

My lips also kind of expanded! The dentist pulled and tugged at it especially the right side. XL said my smile very fake!!!

Watched Race To Witch Mountain.

No wonder the girl looked so familiar!!!!! She's from the Bridge To Terabithia. She's so pretty!

Alexander Ludwig is so good looking ^__^ Amazing bone structure (o.o) Aah..

Oh yea, mycanvasbag has updated! I liked the design of the Vintage Chinese Collar it's pretty unique I think! Still deciding if I should keep a piece for myself!

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