Thursday, 12 March 2009


Lessie has got mother of pearl eyes.

Really like the cutting of this thunder bolt top! The black part is made of satin! Very comfy as well. You can get it at mycanvasbag at $24 :))


Yeahhhhh!@!#@$ Finally had braces......... I chose green and I don't like it!! There was this pathetic lizard crawling up and down the ceiling throughout the whole procedure.


Gawdzx. I am extremely annoyed and irritated by how difficult it is to chew on food. No. I can't even chew, I'm using my tongue and metal.

oh yea my teeth hurt like fuck now after trying to eat a slice of bread.

Gonna get a laptop carrier bag thing soon!! My sister's one smelt like sweat + !@#@$#$SXDZ.. She said it was smelly herself! Then she was telling me smelly don't use la (in a rather pissed tone).. Ha ha :) If I got my own (which I swear I'm getting sooooooon), I wouldn't need to use yours. Thank you ah.

Just took painkiller panadol! I cannot take the pain anymore! Oh I didn't know painkiller also got panadol?!... How ignorant :/

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