Sunday, 8 March 2009

Coming Soon

Caught the midnight screening of Coming Soon. The reason I watched this was because it's from the producers of Shutter, Alone, 4bia...

I think the idea is more original as I'd never heard/seen before I think.. unlike other movies which you mainly know what's going to happen next. But some parts are quite lame la.. The poster looked kind of graphic or so damn computerized ._.

There's this couple in the cinema I think they are mad or what?! There's this scary part where the guy was trapped with the ghost and they were laughing madly.

I was surprised I didn't close my eyes for a single second throughout the movie which I usually did for horror movies. At least 1 second! I was not startled or jumped due to shock/fear too. Perhaps I got stoned at staring at the screen. Lol.

People like to say lol for nothing right?! You say lol if you've got nothing to say; nothing better to say; bored; maybe sarcastic too -.- or simply just for saying lol; or it's really l-o-l

In the movie the girl also got search about the mystery case online -.- One of the searches included wikipedia. Sooo after returning home he asked me if I got search wikipedia for the ghost name?! Funny! And he did searched and even gave me the link. Turns out the information of the existing wikipedia of that search is regarding...

Alright I shall not be a spoiler :) That is, if you want to watch and also want to search the name -.-'


Heh anyway, Lessie got a new toy from Pet Safari!!! It's a cute blue head squeaky toy. Head - coz the toy seemed to have 2 carved eyes -_- Lessie got so addicted to the ball he didn't want to have his meal despite it having extra ingredients. It's very bouncy so Lessie loves it. He must be very happy to have a new toy!

That sweet little thing!

On behalf of Lessie... Thank you, CC, for the toy!! We had a really great day today :) Although it's a long and tiring day, the love + fun + laughter + . . . we had in return were all worth it!

If only life is this carefree everyday!

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