Saturday, 28 March 2009

Confessions of a Shopaholic!

Caught the movie on the day of screening.

Love the scene where Rebecca exclaimed, "You speak Prada?"

Credit cards sure have their pros and cons and if you are a spendthrift you better not get one! Else you will have to..freeze it like in the movie?! -_-'''

Overall, it's quite a nice movie (: And speaking of shopping, it's been a long time since I shop for clothes!!!!!!!!!@!@1...

Usually I'll buy stuffs and not wear them. I'm sure most of you have experienced this before. You buy clothes and tell yourself you will wear them and you simply can't wait to wear them. After you are home, you wash it, keep it in the wardrobe and then it just lay abandoned in some deserted corner of your wardrobe.


I feel like watching Unborn but I scared I'm scared. -_-'' Aiyoz. I thought I'm not scared of horror movies! But someone influenced me because of what the person said about the trailer and somehow I got affected. I did watch the trailer la. Damn it it's so cliche in horror movies that usually there's this figure/ghost crawling on the floor with cracked limbs and bones.


Those ghosts are usually bald or have ultra long silky smooth black hair.

Paul Blart: Mall Cop!

Funny movie! Me like the part where Blart bought a wig. He is a truly unprofessional security officer. Why? Coz he looked at his crush several times while working. He even allowed her to ride on the.. roller thing. What's that called? ... Ahh well very predictable too. In the end, Blart saved the day and got the girl of his dreams!

Do you notice that in tv dramas the characters usually have single parents. So does movies. It's more common in tv dramas...yea?

Oh ya one of my brackets got loose again! Huh so easy drop?! If not for the wire, it would have dropped! Argh!

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