Thursday, 5 March 2009


Detroit Metal City is the lamest movie I've ever watched according to my memory. Okay la I have a bit of STM so I can't remember all. Jap movies/dramas blah are always my opinion. -_-' Omg I seriously can't stand the Negishi guy. It's more to the lame side than funny. Didn't complete it!

So weird nowadays ._. Wtf now also got 3D Jonas Brothers concert thing in cinema -.-

He's Just Not That Into You

-_-''' I've seen so many advertisements on this movie -_- like it's so good like that! Kind of overrated. And it's based on a self-help book?!?!?!?!

Not all stuffs are true!


Quoted from Gigi: We are all programmed to believe that if a guy acts like a total jerk that means he likes you

lol crap. if a guy does that he obviously is trying to make a fool out of you or is set out to embarrass you or simply dislikes you.

Also, the movie made it sound like women are dumb (or so coincidentally the main female characters in it are dumb), and that they all need a man -___-,,;;; Especially Gigi, she is so desperate -.-

Oh ya. The guys in the movie are jerks. Except maybe 1 guy.

I think the most handsome guy in the movie is the most idiotic one!! Don't vow/make empty promises if you can't do it. Don't take for granted the trust your spouse had for you!! Don't fool around with a third party in your office (stupid) when you promised the other party that you would divorce your wife and then hid her in the store room when your wife came to find you; then screwed your wife with the mistress inside listening and crying over how stupid she was to your disgusting act. Then again, lucky her. It wasn't too late.


I ate kangkong yesterday again ._. But not hot at all! Compared to the last kangkong (killer), this is peanuts!!

Omg ._. I just found out my sister ate kangkong yesterday too ; the ultra super extremely mala sambal chilli spicy kangkong. And she had stomachache today too! Same as me when I ate that. Hahahahahahaa..

argh. I feel like I'm falling sick again :S

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