Tuesday, 17 March 2009

first 3D movie in cinema

2 brackets dropped out within a span of less than a week. My lower set of teeth haven't put the wire coz the gap is still very tight.. so it's like I put the brackets for nothing?! Yea man. The first bracket dropped out when I was brushing my teeth. The second bracket dropped out when I was sleeping and I realised it when I woke up. Scary. What if.. what if I swallowed it?! So easy dropped out?!?!..

I FINALLY watched My bloody Valentine in 3-D format today!!!! Omg it's bloody gory, disgusting, bloody and sick.

IT'S SO GORY OMG I'm so freaked out by that. All the dismembered body parts, exposed organs, severed torsos...... blah blah blah +++++++ ... it kind of made me sick. It is so disgusting omgggggggggzxs due to moi limited vocabulary I cannot describe simply how disgusted I felt after watching it.

But yeahh first 3D movie experience other than the science centre one so oh well I think it's worth watching only in 3D. If you go weak at the sight of blood, don't watch.

omggggzzzz it's soooo bloodyyyyyyyyyy & I was so traumatized. I kept swearing throughout the movie yikes!

The slut who died naked in the movie confirm got apply some pink cream product on her n. wtf ._.

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