Monday, 30 March 2009

longest face award


i dig nose! Xl smiles/blushes .=+=

1st time see people dig nose with medicated oil bottle... Looking back with the ?_? expression

props lol!z.

Damnit that xl. go post the ugliest of ugliest pics.. she never even tell me she SS :@:@:@:@ .. Don't go her blog see ah.

Heeheez. Speaking of ugly, I just watched finish Handsome Suit!

Handsome Suit the movie.

The movie is about this fat and stout guy who was classified as very ugly in the movie. His life changed when he wore the newly invented handsome suit which could make anyone ugly transform into a swan. So then he had to juggle between his ugly and handsome life. He truly believed he finally experienced happiness after being handsome.. It was tad exaggerating coz all the girls flocked to him like he really very handsome like that?! Like literally drop dead gorgeous. With a wink, the crowd of girls almost fainted.

It's very very funny from around the start to the middle. Some parts were really funny that I laughed till I could no longer keep up. The last part was.. well unexpected and more of moral-of-the-story and summing up what the guy learnt in the end.

If you need a good crack, go watch this movie :)

The battle between us ... such a close shave.


Suntanning today!

Was accompanied by some flies after some time wtf?! But luckily I managed to shoo them off! There wasn't any sun at first but when the sun came out, XL asked me to stop coz she got bored of swimming. -_- Such a right moment. When I returned home I realised my neck got sunburnt. Yikes!

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