Tuesday, 31 March 2009

The Unborn

I've been watching lots of movies these days! Ahhhh .. Money + Time........

Oh ya I woke up at 6+ a.m. today and amazingly I didn't feel as tired as I was in the past during schooldays. Can't help it! I can doze off easily in class.

Just watched The Unborn today! I've been telling myself I'm scared and not to watch it but I think I will still watch it in the end.. and at last.. I WATCHED IT!!!

I don't think it should be rated PG coz even me who not scared of anything 1 (like real^_^) ish scared.

I jumped once and diverted my attention many times, half to the movie screen and half to the seats when I sensed something scary is going to pop out suddenly.

The ending was kind of stupid.

Okay la thumbs up for the fear factor! This line.. it keeps ringing in my mind..

"He wants to be born NOW!"

Freaked out. Totally ._. Alright maybe it's not that scary as I made it out to be. But it is at least 2 times scarier than Coming Soon. Thinking back, actually it's not that scary as I thought! It's all in the mind. Your brain tells you you are scared. And so you believe you are T_T.

Anw the cinema only got 4 people in total! Cool......

Watched 2 Faces Of My Girlfriend too! Very typical lovey-dovey/sad/touching/romantic/sweet/funny korean plot.

Monsters VS Aliens

It's been a long time since I've watched an animated movie. I like the part where this random guy used his elbows, ass, hands, legs, tongue to input into the security sensor in order to enter the room. Hahahahaha!!! Susan's boyfriend is such a jerk. He is still trying to make use of her in the end. How crappy can he get!

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