Saturday, 25 April 2009

dance party

Hop night for the freshies at NP. We were the first few to reach.

haha don't know why all concentrated in the middle?!

when we just arrived^.

Some people left halfway while others danced the night away. I was quite bored after a while.

So for the S&W programme all the popular sports were taken up and left with swimming, aerobics and soccer.

Obviously I chose aerobics. Sigh. Unfair!

So at first we sat at the wrong area - the swimming area. There was this guy who said, "only got 6 of us choose swimming. haha".

After that we realized we sat at the wrong place so we shifted then the guy exclaimed, "Wah now left 3 of us -_-!".

So for my batch out of 100+, only around 3 people chose swimming. -.-"

I wanted to choose gym ):


Thank you CC for the Romance!!! :)

omg Lessie's birthday is coming in a week's time!!! What should I get for him??


  1. Get Lessie a bone? LOL~ Why stats bad? I enjoy lecture. But don't like the tutorial. Hahaha. I wanna attend hop night also. Like super fun~~~

  2. Lol, Jeanell, I don't think you really want after you know how it looks like, haha.

  3. you mean hop night not so fun? omg i didn't know..

  4. You will get bored after a while. @_@

  5. Oh ya I forgt you like to dance. Sooo perhaps you can't even bear to leave?! ...

  6. lol hahaha i sense sarcasm. do i?