Tuesday, 21 April 2009

School days are back. Again.

First day of school was cool not. I had some boring lessons and after lessons there were briefings. Some people left halfway during the briefings coz they can't take it no more.

But I'm a good student so I stayed back all the way. On the way home, I almost missed 3 buses and thus wasted a shit load of time. Great.

2nd day of school........

The sight of the formulae & tables sheet scared the shit out of me. Damn! I never liked maths. Yikes maths yuck to maths boo to maths screw maths!!!

There are many textbooks to buy and the cost of 1 textbook will already burn a big hole in my pocket. Fortunately some textbooks are not compulsory to buy however it's highly recommended and very much necessary therefore, unfortunately, it is still necessary to purchase.

The thought of business statistics scare me so intensively. I'm so scared I can't manage!!! Oh mansxzxs. My palms are sweating so heavily.

I'm so proud for restricting myself not to go on a shopping spree online. That sucks!! I must save for our future. So I decided to shop offline tomorrow instead and I will limit myself to spending lesser than what the amount I would spend shopping online. You know, I feel the pinch shopping for something expensive offline but I have no idea why it doesn't affect me as much when shopping online!! It's so scary. I hope I don't keep on withdrawing money to satisfy my wants. Poor bank account!


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