Sunday, 12 April 2009

Sensuale Jazz!

Watched X-men Origins: Wolverine recently.. Action pack! ... I don't get the ending!! How did the guy lose his memory and how did he come back to life? Did I miss the part where they explained? I don't think so!

Cyborg She

The female lead is SO pretty... She looked so perfect in the movie. I kind of like this movie! I think the male lead is handsome too. Geez -.- Although the plot is kind of absurd (movie what) but it's so touching to the end. The cyborg and the guy were so sweet together. Funny too!

Anyway.. Orientation was one hell of a boring day on the first day. Second day, I was bathing in my own sweat. Seriously man!We had station games around campus for almost the whole duration and not to forget lots of screaming during cheering!

Among all the orientation groups, Sensuale Jazz won the best OG!!!! Cheers and congrats to Sensuale Jazz! Argh I did not bring my camera and I did not bother to take pictures with my handphone either coz the quality suck big time and it's so laggy. The shutter speed takes forever.

My group was Sensuale Jazz 2. Unable to grab any pictures coz I can't find!! .,..):

I love the bimbotic cheer!

Poster boy had to wax his legs coz he lost a public bet. Ha ha ha.


Watched fast & furious 4 yesterday.

Hot guys and babes! I love Walker's eyes. I supposed there's a fifth installation to it. I was impressed by how Dinsel could make out the scene of the accident involving his girlfriend so accurately.

In the movie he = smart to interpret.

In reality, it's just.. well.. a movie.

Oh ya Alone was on TV for the friday night owl movie last friday! I finally watched it!!

I wanted to watch it because it's by the directors of Shutter and I do have quite a good impression on Shutter.

My mother was sitting in front of the television when the ghost suddenly popped out. It was the first time I saw her becoming scared while watching a horror flick. She started to ask me to accompany her to the kitchen but I didn't want to as I wanted to watch heeehee -_-. Lessie accompanied her in the end!

I think Alone is very good! The story left me with no questions unanswered. There was a twist in the story which I didn't expect at all. All my predictions were wrong (which is good!) until they started to unfold the truth slowly which at that point of time I started to understand what was going on actually.

SPOILER!! *** Aiya 2 years ago already. Plus on DVD/VCD/TV...

I went to read this yahoo reviewer commenting that the movie was predictable. No lor!!
I thought the evil twin was dead. However after the true flashback but not the imaginary one, I realised that the twin who was dead was the good twin. Predictable meh?! The evil twin changed her identity and pretended to be her sister and everything sounded so convincing that the 'good' twin was constantly haunted the evil twin. In fact it was the good twin that was haunting the evil twin as she did her wrong by murdering her.. which was only revealed almost to the end!

I would say it's predictable IF... the first part of the story was true. Which means that ..

evil twin = ET
good twin = GT

GT was constantly haunted by ET coz ET jealous that got guy like GT but not ET. ET also jealous that the guy only drew GT protrait and not ET's protrait. GT wanted the separation (they were a pair of siamese twins) but unfortunately ET died and ET came back to take revenge on GT ...

therefore that explained why GT was constantly haunted by ET.

That's what I called predictable.

However the whole twist to the story of ET being the fake GT and ET was the one who murdered GT as she was overcame by jealousy and that ET took on GT identity until their mum revealed the truth to the boyfriend then the truth came out that GT was actually ET pretending to be GT - was totally unpredictable!

I didn't like the image of the ghost though. Why would a ghost be screaming her/his head off like.. like..

it reminded me of this very popular master art piece which unfortunately I forgot the name.

It featured this man or ghost with a black long hood/cape screaming.

That's like uber lame.

Okay la maybe I have 1 question.. How could the BF not know he was not dating the twin he loved but the other twin? The mother should have told him. He should have seen the name on the tombstone from the start and not at the end when he realised the truth. Maybe he didn't bother to notice the name? Why didn't the mother tell him he's dating the wrong girl? How could she not know and yet revealed the truth later on? Did she do that for the sake of her daugher's happiness?........

It's 1 question but it's the 1 question that led to another so if the 1 question is solved the others should be able to be resolved based on general knowledge!

Yikes I'm blabbering away~ -.-

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