Monday, 11 May 2009

My bartender was half-dead after drinking my concoction. Haha!!

Hearty American breakfast!

French toast + herbal sausage. I don't really like the sausage. Tasted weird ^o) Of course I still prefer the hk cafe version!! Yummm...

cannot be compared to xin wang cafe's!

3 subway cookies after lunch to last me for 2 lectures! On my way home I was so bloated I thought my stomach was going to explode and that will be the end of me.

|. I screwed up my 1st graded presentation. That seriously sucks!

Damn. I'm depressed now.


Anyway mycanvasbag has launched a new collection :)

The black waisted dress, vintage inspired vest and banded navy zipper dress are my favourite!!


  1. Not as if you finished the cookies altogether? Probably because we sat down too long.

  2. So cute even with biscuits in your mouth :$

  3. its ok. everyone got their first time! :) don't worry. i'll f4 him!

  4. CC: alamak.

    kiko: glad you think this way :)

  5. hahaha my first time i'm also super nervous. seeing your post makes me feel super hungry.