Saturday, 2 May 2009

Lessie's birthday

Remember the date.

Remember the date.

Remember the date.

Remember the date.

Remember the date.

Lessie's birthday supposedly falls on the 2nd of May.

Soooo ..... HAPPY BIRTHDAY LESSIE. We sang him a private birthday song. Geez. So sweet & cute. He must have knew it was his special day as he was quite excited.

We got him a new collar and a chocolate flavoured dental bone.

Yes it's chocolate flavoured! Since dogs can't eat real chocolates, I reckon this should do a good substitute since it removes tartar, cleans the teeth.etc.etc. Very useful! See the bite marks?!

Somehow after a while, he got tired of it. He even rejected milk bones which he loved it so much. Hmm, must be the special dinner he had earlier on!

tired from chewing!


Okay almost every picture of him is candid.

baby, (L) you!

Lessie doing a split! Like a carpet.

Lessie had an exhausting walk/jog/run in the park today.

He's afraid of babies shrieking. He prefers to follow me instead of him. He accidentally knocked into his chin while trying to cross a small drain. I'm so sorry! He makes the cute sound when he is nervous. He can't seem to stay still in a foreign place.

On his way home, he got off the wrong storey. He ran down the stairs and paced up and down outside someone's gate thinking that it's his house. He was confused and lost so he ran down the stairs again anxiously. Then, he couldn't decide whether to go up or down again.

He was quite stubborn! He didn't want me to carry him. He wanted to go home. After all, home is where he is most comfortable in.

Moments later, he was finally at the right floor. He ran to the doorstep and waited for me to open the door.

Home sweet home!


I hope you enjoy yourself Lessie! (K)

You're the best dog one could possibly have. I LOVE YOU!


  1. OMG Lessie's eyes are really cute...! lol the bones. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LESSIE!

  2. lol my highlights? cos my red hair drop so concentration lowers & then turns brown eventually. Doesn't it sound really chemistry-like? Hahaha