Friday, 8 May 2009


School today was better than I expected.

CATS lesson was good. Interesting.

We had activities about how to view things in a different angle and not always at one angle. If we keep viewing things at one angle, we will not be able to solve the problem if there is.

Also, we discussed a little about Hitler. I dislike Hitler a lot. I call him the 1 ball man since he only had 1 side of his testicle I think?

Hitler is a creative man in a bad way. So is this good or bad?

I decided that I'm interested in History again. We're going to sort of learn History again in Year 3!! So excited!

I've just submitted my ITB portfolio. I had quite a hard time doing it although it is quite a simple one. There is a presentation coming up on Monday. Damn. I need to overcome my fear of speaking up in front of many people.


I've got no time to take pictures for mycanvasbag although the stocks were already here like more than a week ago. *hint hint* There'll be another colour of the satin pants coming in ;) The black satin pants are doing quite good which is quite unexpected. I kept one for myself too lol.


the times when we used to sit on the swing after mugging.

I drew this for CC :) Inspiration credits to Halsey.


  1. LOL you are exaggerating man.

  2. i think it looks nice. i didn't know you drew it at first. i'm not exaggerating & i'm no man. lol~ anyway he is daddy.

  3. yup. i'm feeling all better again. but from now on, i mustn't be so easily emo & antisocial. must be sociable. at least you're good. you have lessie with you. maybe i consider getting myself a pet too.