Friday, 5 June 2009

Can one live forever?

Aerobics today was a total workout. I sweated like mad and felt pretty good after that. I do hope I burnt at least some fats in the process. CT's starting on the first day of the week so GOOD LUCK TO ME. Screw ITB. I almost died just by going through the slides. I saw stars and a big fat question mark. To think I scored an A for computer studies.

So where is the firewire? I googled but I STILL CAN'T FIND IT on my Fujitsu laptop. Is there even one on a Fujitsu laptop? Someone plzzz enlighten me.

So I thought I was finally able to grasp the concept of elasticity and demand and when I did the MCQs, I actually scored ... 3/15. I was so shocked that I re-checked to convince myself that I had marked wrongly. But well, the truth is bitter.

Oh ya. On a brighter note, Happy birthday DADDY!!!!!!!! Hope you love the special 'card' that we made for you!!!! I totally love it.


  1. Go to the fujitsu website ask??? What's firewire anyway... I only know of Firewall.

  2. Get well soon! I want to go out :P Rest well. :)