Friday, 12 June 2009

things don't get lost if they don't have value

So I studied so much for econs for nothing ._.

Was running a high fever + dizzy + nauseous for some days and missed econs and itb exam!! I still can't believe I didn't take the econs test coz I REALLY WANT TO TAKE IT. My priority is econs then bstats then itb. Somehow, all got screwed up.

Good luck. To me.

Heeheee actually I don't really mind missing ITB although I do mind a little. Got MCQ what?!..

Anyway suckzxs... I slept a full day (almost 24 hours) and I felt so !@!#@$@!# crappy. Sigh.

ONE CANNOT AFFORD TO BE SICK!!! Because you will suffer from EVERYTHING. Yes, from good food + waste of time + $$$ + going out shopping + .etc.etc whatever you name!!!

So this holiday I AM VERY DETERMINED to not eat KFC!!!

._.''' So much for my plan of boycotting KFC a year or two back

I shall be my own witness. I shall abstain from eating KFC or any KFC related products (Macs, BK not counted) during the June holidays!!!! If I do not do as I state, I will torment myself by eating KFC every single day of the remaining June holidays. That is, valid only in 2009 of course.


When I was sick, I couldn't get near to Lessie lest he gets under the weather too. I am really guilty and he seemed really lonely. He appears to be excited with CC so yea that's great :) I suspect it's the food bait. Hmmm..

Sorry Lessie you will be compensated!! *kiss kiss*

That sweet little thing. Trying to kiss me I hope so!!! hehe

I look really @!##@Q!*$^%# + messy --- probably didn't comb hair for days & just woke up.

Lessie almost vomited yesterday too. It was really scary! I can totally understand how he feels as I vomited like w-t-f I bet my neighbours got freaked out. Like seriously. The sound of the vomiting is like... monster.

Some time back when he vomited...

I felt like my world has been torn apart when he vomited. I felt tears welling up as I looked right in his eyes. I felt guilty that I did not spend quality time with him although I could.

Why do humans have this negative trait? That you carry on doing something despite knowing it's the wrong thing to do.

Yes. Why?

Anyway congrats to XL for being able to stare at her newly made template of little miss pink for a long long time. She can't wait to watch HM the movie so yea it's been months since I've last watched a movie with her. Sounds cool enough. Also, I miss being in you-know-i-know-who arms. :'(


  1. Hmm.. get well! Yes, we cannot afford to be sick in Singapore! So get well :)

  2. what thing so cute?

  3. Your dog? :) Yeah~ you miss being with me right? Hehe. Movie time~ Admit that the new little miss pinkk is pretty! :P

  4. Mine Mine??? Be in my arms! Lessie is so cute. Recently I vomitted too. Share his pain.

  5. we all share each others' pain & joy. haha.

  6. Looking great still (L)

  7. Sigh. Econs, don't remind me. It's my worse ever. I prefer stats & poa.