Saturday, 13 June 2009

you're everything good in my life

credits to ysl@lookbook.

I badly want a YSL logo tee! Okay it's a want so nevermind. I've got to save for my big future plan so I will control spending $500 on a logo tee till I have the means.

YEAH ^_^

CC came to my house today to chill and play with Lessie. Lessie loves him a lot :$. He smiled a lot heh. So we had maggie mee for dinner. Tom yum's great. Yum yum. We microwaved the whole packet of chicken nuggets without defrosting it. But do we have to anyway??


  1. I also want to see Lessie some time~ :)

  2. So sad, haven't overcome my fear towards cute little Lessie.

  3. You should see Lessie more often :)

  4. yea. Maybe I should organise a birthday party for Lessie next year K??? Excited!!

  5. I'm online. Just don't see you online though... I'm online almost every night until 1-2am but don't see you online leh... Sigh. You always appear busy too.