Sunday, 12 July 2009

17th birthday

Lunch at Canelé.

Their desserts are seriously good. Totally digging it! I feel like slapping myself when I realised I accidentally deleted the picture of the dessert omg!!! Okay anyway for dessert we had Black Forest. It was so good hehe.

Fortunately, I tried to google and found a picture of it.

credits to skinnierthantheoriginal.


yummy smoked salmon!!

savoury crepes.

Dinner at ..................(can't remember the name of the place)


Very fresh prawns and crabs.

The first time in my life I got tired of eating crabs.....

he insisted on a before and after picture........

the legs. fleshy as well!

Desserts time! Love desserts :)

I have no idea what I'm doing

scallop & ginseng porridge! Love the porridge texture! Added in crab meat too ha ha.

Thank you for everything!!!

I've stopped celebrating/looking forward to birthdays when I was in secondary school I think. Birthdays never hold much significance to me. After I know you, I start to look forward to my birthday, your birthday.. our birthdays. HEHE. Now I'm very excited for your birthday although I've barely planned anything!!!

Thank you thank you. I really love the gold paper haha.

Heeeheee. Happy me!

Lessie peeping below to find food :P

Time passes so fast. 1 year has passed!