Monday, 6 July 2009

2nd week of school

Some things I learnt/came across today...

- The econs lecturer visits the zoo on a monthly basis
- Pigs can fly cause of swine flew (as seen on a tee -.-)


Oh yea in case you are wondering, I did survive without KFC for 2 weeks (during the june holidays)

As quoted
I shall abstain from eating KFC or any KFC related products (Macs, BK not counted) during the June holidays!!!! If I do not do as I state, I will torment myself by eating KFC every single day of the remaining June holidays

Hehe and obviously I succeeded. Alright.. Not like I can't do it!

Okay I'm so excited to see XBB tomorrow!!!!!!!!! :* It's only two days since we've last met though. Seems like 2 weeks ):


I'm not sure if I should launch a new collection before the flea or not! Shall see if I can get my hands on any pretty clothes first heeehee.

Last thing! Once again, HBTXL! Remember your TY OKAY???

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