Saturday, 15 August 2009

Where would you go, if you could go anywhere?

WHERE GOT GHOST is a movie that tries extremely hard to inject humor sadly to no avail. The jokes were lame, trashy and exaggerated. Attention seeking guy in front laughed so hard he had to point to the big screen every now and then to express his laughter.

UP, on the other hand, is a good movie as expected from Disney PIXAR. The humors were inserted appropriately and "intelligently" input. Me like... very sweet movie hehe.....

2 movie slots up for the month! Time to wait for another month hehe :)


Had XLB, chilli crab dumplings, fried rice, prawn pancake, shrimp wanton for lunch and...
cereal prawns, kangkong, KFC spicy lime drumlets, fries for dinner and the chocolate liquor thing just now. I took the XO and the orange vodka while CC took the vodka something and his face turned red immediately for a few minutes.

After CC left, I secretly measured my waist and omgwtf you cannot believe it or maybe you can but the excess of the tape was shortened by 2 inches.

Joke of the day:

*censored but well, clue: name initials of sender: TXL" said (11:27 PM):
*did he have muscle "eggs" today? shit suddenly forgot how to spell "eggs"... lol.



  1. Crap! I forget in a split second, this can be a joke.

  2. now we all know that it's you.

  3. dots TXL. so obvious! -J

  4. hey hey, so long since i visited your blog, you seems to be enjoying poly life huh:D

  5. hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!