Thursday, 17 September 2009

Lessie's first video published!

Watched TUT yesterday. The movie was... not bad. It was funnier than I had expected. The woman beside me laughed like mad and she kept going "OH MY GOD" at the uhem..scenes.

Toy Story 3 is going to be out in 2010. Cool. I used to watch TS 1 and 2 during my childhood days over and over again. The Princess And The Frog sounds cool too. I think I'm going to watch it hehe.

Found this in my Pictures:

Back then when I was hooked onto this game.

Well.. I was too shocked with the first lap time and I sort of stoned there for seconds before I realised what was going on...-__- Not bad right? Hahaha


Asian duck lips

Got Salmon Sashimi treat for him. Yums.

Ever since Lessie knew the command "Shake hand", he will automatically stick his hand out and try to balance with the "shake hand" action when food is there. He looks like the lucky cat.. Super cute! 

I don't know how to do the rotation of the vid so make do with this! It was so jerky because I was trying to balance the phone by kiaping it between my knees. Major fail.

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