Friday, 25 September 2009


Nowadays, the increased advancement in technology can even enable one the choice and freedom to be who he or she wants to be. Some weeks ago, I saw the trailer of Surrogates and I was so piqued by it.

What are surrogates?
According to wiki:
1) A person or animal that functions as a substitute for another, as in a social or family role.
2) To appoint (another) as a replacement for oneself.

Isn't it cool? Like having a perfect, flawless version of yourself in robotic form and doing things you can't possibly imagine. As far as I know from knowledge of the surrogate in the movie, (correct me if I'm wrong) one is able to purchase a surrogate of themselves, a form which one desires, to experience life in place of oneself. You will then be in the comfort and safety of your home, experience everything your surrogate does without risking injuries or death.

If Surrogates are available now, I'll like to have one! Ethan Ruan's appearance shall be my surrogate's HEHEHEHEHEEEE.... Nah I'm just kidding. I'll be surrounded by girls wherever I go which I totally will not like it. I'm deciding between having a female surrogate or a male surrogate -_-

I'll like my surrogate to buy groceries and toiletries for me (does that works?). Haha I know.. people will definitely want their surrogates to do amazing things like experiencing thrills or doing something crazy. Yea, will get to that part soon. My surrogate will clean the house for me and go school for me if possible. Back in the comfort of my home sweet home, I will be able to learn lessons through the connection of my surrogate.

I'll like my surrogate to go bungee jumping and stuff like that because I know I will probably be unable to muster enough courage to bungee jump so yea I'll be able to experience the feeling of it at home without feeling as much fear as I would be if I'm the one doing so.

I will want my surrogate to travel around the world. I've not traveled out of the country for almost a decade (not even malaysia.. pathetic -.-) and I will be having motion sickness throughout the plane flight which I totally dread. With the help of my surrogate, things will definitely be much easier for me hehe.

If I'm craving for food from places far away from my home, my surrogate will go and get it for me. After all, surrogates are simple and they are not independent. They do as they are told and will never do as they are not told so that's like mad cool.

How the surrogates look like actually

Robotic figures that look 99.9999999999% human. Cool huh?!

Surrogates will be out in cinemas on 1st Oct 2009!


  1. Movie again!? The Surrogate in the middle got no boobs.. But they all if real humans are damn hot lah.. -J

  2. got boobs la. but it's "taken away" to show the interior what! -_-

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