Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Lessie's appt

So we didn't go to Children Little Museum after all. Reason being... it closes at 2pm. Plans were changed twice and in the end, she decided to go there next week. Hopefully, we will succeed during the 3rd attempt...

We had smoked salmon for lunch. I never used to like smoked salmon but now I love it! It's just like how I used to not eat beansprouts, many types of fish, seafood, and meat.. but now I eat almost everything. That's a positive change!


Lessie had his jab today. He was such a good boy. He crapped a lot while waiting for his turn although he had already done it at home. He might be a little too scared. We got a lamb snack for him and he loved it! Neutered dogs tend to put on weight easily. So Lessie is so going to pant like mad on Friday. I better make good my word.