Sunday, 27 December 2009


For Christmas Eve, we went for a prawning sesh at Jurong Hill.

Chicken heart as bait :/

Our first prawn caught within minutes!!! I did not dare to take the hook out of the prawn so he did it.

Our first experience at prawning was kind of pathetic because we accidentally freed 2 prawns -__- and there were many prawns which managed to escape after eating the bait!!


When we were about to prepare them for grilling, I did not feel comfortable to poke the satay sticks into them :/ Can't imagine how the prawns felt when they had the satay sticks pierced into them :/

BBQ-ing them...  It was easy to spot the females as they had egg roes on them.

It was quite morbid to see the prawns half cooked and STILL MOVING. Their colors were changing and yet their legs were still wriggling :/

They were plump and delicious though.

Indian food for supper!


Got some Christmas presents for Lessie!

He only tried the salmon and spinach and I could tell he really loves them heh :)

Whenever we're in the room he would do this. Awww, how cute. Sometimes he will get stuck between the gaps of the chair and we have to push his ass through to help him get up the chair.

my cutie pie!

The Christmas present I got for him :)

I had been wanting a maroon nail polish. Thank you hehe!


We had dinner at P.S cafe.

Crab Tart.
It had a very refreshing taste and the crust was crumbly and buttery. However it got a tad cloying towards the end.


Rustic steak w mushroom stew

We also tried the most famous cake in PS cake: Double Chocolate Blackout Cake with ice-cream. It was so chocolatey! Made with many layers of different texture of chocolates with a thick topping of chocolate sauce, it is the perfect cake for chocolate lovers.


Boxing Day was spent at Hello Flea @ Far East Plaza.

It was the worst flea for me and the best flea for XL even though I got rid of more than 10 old stocks (most of which were BNWT) at like $2 each. There was this auntie who tried to bargain from $5 a piece to $3.33 a piece to $2 a piece and she still asked me to give her cheaper by telling me, "you see.. I've got no money leh" and handed me a $50 note -_-


  1. Your contacts also blue meh? LOL. -J