Monday, 21 December 2009

had a haircut

Just Lessie casually playing with his christmas hat

The loafers from the collection! ;) I knew I had to get it when I first saw it hehe!

I finally had a decent haircut after a year. Those split ends.. they really had to go. Thanks to Charmaine, I developed a habit of searching for split ends and then I would (sub)consciously try to split them up.

Also.. I've been admiring my pinkie for the last few days. Applied the OPI tester on my pinkie and I gradually fell in love with the colour. 3 days and the colour still looked so solid. Not even a bit has faded off. Wow.

Yesterday, we exchanged barely 10 texts as C went overseas. It felt so... weird. I was so not used to it. It felt like there was something missing in my life. I was so busy yet so bored :(

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  1. How can you be bored when there's still me? :)