Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Old Dogs

I've watched the trailer a couple of times and it never fail to make me smile :)

Every second of the trailer was so funny it would have gotten the coldest person crack up too.

There was one particular scene which made me laugh so much!

3 men trying to get into a zoo during closing hours - They succeeded in getting inside. Only thing was that they were in a gorilla enclosure. They even did a victory clap of their silly accomplishment without knowing what they've gotten into. Hahahahahaha.

I like how Seth Green reacted when he saw the gorilla coming out of nowhere. He went like (calmly somemore!!), "We're in the gorilla enclosure."

LOL!... If it was me, I would be screaming my head off, which he did in the later part.

I thought it was a bad choice for Robin Williams to try to imitate the gorilla. The gorilla must have thought they were trying to challenge him and thus........

...................................challenge back?...

Also, the part where the gorilla was cuddling Green in it's arms was EPIC. It's like.. when he stopped singing the gorilla got angry. OMGLOL ....................

The scene with the penguins was so unexpected too. You would have thought the penguins would mind their own business or simply look and continue with whatever they're doing innocently. Little did they know what they were dealing with...

So so so if you haven't watch the trailer, GO WATCH IT NOW. You won't be wasting 2 minutes of your life doing so.

Full trailer here :)

Old Dogs opens in cinema 31 Dec 2009!

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