Thursday, 25 February 2010

Alice In Wonderland

After watching the trailer of Alice In Wonderland, I knew I have to watch this! Plus.. this is like a modern version of AIW and not those "cartoon" type so it really excites me!

and and it is directed by TIM BURTON and stars big names like Johnny Depp and Anne Hathaway!!!

My favourite character is...




wtfofcoursenotlolz. But I do like the scene where she said she needed a pig's belly to rest her feet on. It cracked me up.


My favourite character is the Mad Hatter.

I LOVE HIS LOOK in the movie and Johnny Depp really takes on the character of Mad Hatter well :) Also, Mad Hatter was the first character I noticed (besides Alice la) when I first knew about the show!

He still looks kinda charming even with that bushy eyebrow and fried hair haha.

My impression of Mad Hatter is that he is very eccentric and like those siao siao kind. If you've seen the trailer, the way he laughed at the end of the trailer was so -.-.

Anyway.......... after watching the trailer you also feel like watching right?????????????!

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