Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Noise Singapore

Was invited to the private noise media preview thanks to NuffnangSG!

This is one of my favourite works:

A picture really tells a thousand words.

We're often not satisfied because things are easily in reach for us. But from the picture of Joy, those kids are so easily satisfied....

Overall, I was really impressed by the works and I should stop procrastinating and pick up that cam book..since...since last last sem?

I was almost tempted to buy one of the tote bags!

This is my masterpiece :)
btw I did not intend to colour that crane blue but I did anyway. I did not even think of Avatar until someone saw and mentioned "Avatar". Then, everyone went like avatar leh and started laughing -_-

and lastly.. a group photo!


  1. Teeth fillers? OMG, I look so fat.

  2. very busty what.

  3. Now everyone is under the spell of avatar! HAHAHA!!!

  4. you sure have a sense of humor!